Tropic Chia Seed Smoothie // My Favorite Green Smoothie


IMG_3368 (2)

Ohhhh, mmmah gah!

That’s what my son says when I give him this. He’s two.

I learned about the magic of chia seeds when I was working two jobs and going to culinary school at the same time, I would only eat once a day if I was lucky to be in the kitchens and not the classrooms that day.

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Mexican Steak Bowls

IMG_3311 (2)

I love Chipotle steak bowls.

I’ve loved Chipotle since before Chipotle was a thing. And in the suburbs of Miami, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, Chipotle is abundant.

But not in the rural suburbs outside of Atlanta. In fact, all the Chipotle’s are in the city and I’m left with no quick place to grab a delicious, spicy steak bowl with double meat and guac. Except at home.

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