The Ultimat Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Soft and chewy, sweet little golden cookies with chocolate bits in them! I can’t see why people wouldn’t love chocolate chip cookies! It’s as old-fashioned American as sports, hunting, apple pie and bake sales. Or after school specials and after school snacks.

IMG_3422 (2)

Yes honey, nothing is better than grabbing some fresh cookies and some milk before watching Sister, Sister and starting on some homework.


What? I was a 90’s baby!

Anyway, back to cookies.

IMG_3446 (2).jpg

I love a good rich, chewy, chocolate chip cookie that stays soft the next day. Because let’s face it, cookies are never around more than two days when you have a house full of kids (or a toddler and his playdate friends!) and no one wants a rock for a cookie. Or a dried out ole crumbly one either.

Many attempts at making a delicious chocolate chip cookie has been made, and finally I got a recipe that I don’t have to fuss with too much. I don’t have to worry about what exactly will come out of this batch; if the butter was too melted, do I need to add shortening, what about the sugars? None of that. It’s a simple, easy recipe. And it makes thirty of them!

To share, of course.


This recipe is on


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