Chicken Broccoli Alfredo


Alfredo was the first recipe I learned in culinary school. No wait, second. First was fresh pasta, which then went into the alfredo.

Either way, I suppose it was Chef Paris’ way of trying to impress us with fresh pasta. But while the egg-based pasta was rich and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, I was more into the alfredo. Especially since I never had it from scratch. My mom would pop the can open and toss in a little lemon juice and I ¬†never had it any other way until my first day in school.

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Lemon Chicken, revamped

This is the first recipe I ever really made. I’m so proud of it.

I was only allowed to cook chicken at my parents’ house (my mom didn’t want me wasting the good meats, haha) so I had to be pretty creative in making chicken interesting, especially since I was basically cooking chicken every night for my dad and I.

In comes this lemon chicken! It’s so good, and you know why? You flour the chicken, let it cook in butter, glaze it in the lemon-honey-butter mixture and it turns into this:

IMG_3392 (2)



Sorry, I had a moment.

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Chicken Fricassee


I learned how to cook chicken fricassee while I was in culinary school; it was one of the first recipes we were able to do hands on. At school, it is a twenty four portion feast that requires a lot of babysitting and time for such a massive amount. At home, it’s a well-requested dish that’s very easy, requires simple, basic ingredients that is probably in your kitchen right now, and of course, is impressive.

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